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Great news about the Home Guarantee Scheme Being Extended

Home Guarantee Scheme Extended There was some great news yesterday when the Australian Government announced that they were looking to extend the Home Guarantee Scheme and also introduce a new Guarantee Scheme specifically for regional buyers. These announcements come on top of the previously introduced programs for First Home Buyers and Singl...

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5 economic challenges that could affect property prices in 2022

We have already seen some major events impact the Australian economy in 2022. We've all seen the cost of living increasing for things like petrol, and who's weekly grocery bill hasn't increased over the past 12 months? I know mine has. We have also seen our Major Banks lifting some of their home loan interest rates, which...

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What is LVR (Loan to Value Ratio)?

Loan to Value Ratio is one of those things you’ll hear about a lot in the world of home loans. It’s important because it may affect your borrowing power. So, what is LVR? The Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) is the amount you need to borrow as a percentage of the total value of the property. Let’s break it down a bit more. Here&rsqu...

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How to Make a Competitive Offer on Your Dream Home

Finding the right home for you can be a long, time-consuming process. But once you’ve found 'the one', you probably want to move quickly - especially in a hot property market - so understanding how to get the ball rolling is highly important. The most important tip? Unless you’re making a cash offer, is to get pre–ass...

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Strategies to Avoid Paying LMI

How to Avoid Paying Lender’s Mortgage Insurance One of the hot topics that our clients want to discuss when speaking with us about their home loan is Lenders Mortgage Insurance. (Commonly referred to as LMI) Most of our clients are looking for ways to avoid having to pay LMI, so we thought we would share with you some insights into how ...

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