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Home Loan Lending Specialist

  • Nickname Pip
  • Time in the industry Currently in my fourth year.
  • Fun fact or something nobody knows about you I lived most of my life in a small rural town in NSW until I moved to the Sunshine Coast to start this role.
  • Hobbies Cooking and trying new restaurants, spending time with my friends and family.
  • The best advice you have been given Trust the process. Everything will turn out how it’s supposed to, so don’t doubt yourself.
  • Favourite song Anything on Triple J.
  • Dream holiday destination Italy, for all of the food.
  • The one thing you can't live without The support from my loved ones.
  • What song reflects your personality Sally – The Thundamentals.
  • Finish the sentence.... As a child I always was in trouble for stealing the kitchen spoons to dig in the garden as I would then leave them outside.
  • If you had a super power what would it be Be able to teleport and time travel to experience the world’s major events.

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Customer Reviews

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