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Liberty Home Loans

Some History

In 1997, Liberty pioneered specialty finance by offering flexible solutions that required personalised attention not available from other financial institutions. They made home ownership possible even when others said it wasn't possible. Their innovative and flexible approach has allowed them to help over 350,000 customers by advancing over $28 billion in funds.

Their Services

Today, they provide a wide range of loans for your home, your car and business, as well as investments and products from other financial institutions. Their staff have been recognised with numerous industry awards and accolades. In short, they are an alternative that offers innovative solutions at competitive prices to support customers with greater choice and freedom.

Where do they see themselves heading

Liberty has proven to be a reliable and dependable provider of innovative and customer-friendly financial products and services. They have significant capital and long-term, sustainable funding for their  various businesses. They are well positioned to continue making our distinguished offerings available to businesses like Fox Finance Group so we can continue to help our customers.

Here at Fox Home Loans we are very passionate about educating our customers and providing them as much detail as we can so they can make an educated decision.

We provide our customers a wide range of loan repayment calculators so you can work out how much your finance could be and much more.

Our team are here to help you when you have more questions or are ready to apply. Apply online or speak with the team on 1300 665 906.

If you'd like to know how much you qualify for, no problem, speak with us about setting up a loan pre-approval so you know exactly how much your loan will be even before you commit to proceed. This is an obligation free service that we provide our customers.

Here at Fox Home Loans, our team care about helping you understand your credit score and what it means for you. Speak with your Lending Specialist about how we help you protect your credit score and what you can do to grow your credit rating.

Why Do So Many Customers Trust Us?

  • We have access to the best lenders wtih the lowest interest rates
  • We offer you a free credit assessment without affecting your credit score
  • We provide loan pre-approvals so you can go shopping with peace of mind
  • We help you understand and protect your credit score
  • We offer a speedy service with same day loan approvals
  • We do all the running around and hard work to find you the very best deal

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